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Introducing Construction Industry News

As a general contractor, our goal is to deliver to the owner a successful project that is constructed safely, on time and at the contract price. A general contractor relies heavily on his subcontractors to work together to coordinate and deliver a successful project. Both subcontractors and general contractors seek a relationship which is built on trust, integrity, respect, and fairness, to achieve making the contractual agreement both pleasant and profitable. Construction relationships built on these core principles help to keep everyone working on the project in a harmonious fashion, a highly complex task that requires the utmost coordination, cooperation, and communication.

Construction projects should be bid competitively. However, bidding procedures from one geographic region to another frequently vary widely. The variety has become an increasing industry problem as owners, design professionals, contractors, and subcontractors more frequently move from project to project.

As a result, there is a need to establish more uniform guideline s forbidding competitively-priced projects in order to reduce confusion, increase fair competition and lower construction cost. Some key concepts for bidding are summarized below

The following guidelines are developed by the “Associated General Contractors of America.” “Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project.” These are arranged in the chronological order of the construction process.

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